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  • Student Advice
    In all the excitement of going to university, please remember that the basic home comforts and a few small luxuries can make all the difference to settling in.

    Quite possibly you have seen websites, brochures and leaflets showing scenes of university life including cosy rooms with every home comfort. The reality is you will be presented with a room that is not much more than a basic shell, with just a bed, a desk & chair and a wardrobe. You will need to provide most of the items yourself, such as:

    • Duvets
    • Pillows
    • Sheets
    • Towels
    • Clothes hangers
    • Cutlery
    • Crockery
    • Glasses
    • Pans
    • Cooking utensils

    Imagine how easy life would be if you could:

    • find all your essential items, from bed linen to cutlery, had been delivered to your room before you even got there
    • have other desirable items, such as bicycles, televisions and music systems, delivered as soon as you confirmed your arrival
    • get someone else to transport your possessions off campus at the end of term and store them away securely for your return
    • have your belongings securely shipped home, whether in the UK or anywhere else in the world

    Visit us with your parents, friends and fellow students before, during and after your time at university or college.
  • Typical study-room
    This is typical of a study-room you will be given at your halls of residence, a bare shell with very few essentials.

  • Information for Parents
    We have all experienced campus life ourselves and some of us now have our own children who are getting very close to doing the same. So naturally we share many of the same concerns you are bound to be having.

    Imagine how confident you would feel:

    if your child could begin their new experience with all the essential items, from bed linen to cutlery, waiting in their study-room so they did not have to got out shopping the moment they arrived

    that desirable items, from laptops to hi-fi systems, could be delivered shortly after they had settled in

    to know your child did not need to carry large amounts of cash or have to wait to open a bank account (often a long process for overseas students) before being able to purchase all the things they needed

    if, at the end of term, we collected their possessions and store them securely until they returned

    that, at the end of their time in the UK, your child's precious belongings were securely freighted home

    knowing that we provide a direct delivery service throughout the year for those little luxuries that you might want to send them for their birthday or special occasion

    Click2Campus is the only company that delivers this complete service

    hen travelling overseas to study the language, currency, culture and even climate can all take some time to adjust to.

    Minimise the initial problems and help them make the most of their experience in the UK.

    Know that your child has everything they need to live comfortably, is settled in their new environment, is able to focus on their studies and is, most importantly . . . . . happy.

    How do Click2Campus help? By taking away many of the basic difficulties we will also take away many of your concerns.

    If you have any questions please go to our contact page for details on how we can be reached - we always appreciate hearing from parents because we share your concerns.
  • How to buy on our site
    Once you have selected everything you want and added them into your 'basket', the procedure for completing your order from our site is really very simple:
    • Click on either the 'Checkout Now' button (in the bottom right hand corner of the 'Shopping Cart' page) or the 'CHECKOUT' button (on the top right corner of each page).
    • In 'STEP 1', select your accommodation provider (university, college , home or private address) from the drop-down list. If applicable, this will auto-populate the full, correct and up to date details into the 'Delivery Address' section (on the right) in 'STEP 2'. . . . meaning you do not have to do it. This stage also ensures that the FREE postage (on orders over 100) is applied to all students attending our 'partner' institutions (an 8.00 courier charge is applied to non-partner universities & colleges, private addresses and orders under 100.00).
    • On the 'Invoice Address' section (on the left) in 'STEP 2' please put the registered address of the holder of the bank card being used for the purchase (this is an important security check to help eliminate fraudulent purchases) and not the accommodation address (unless they are the same).
    • Please do not use any characters other than numbers and letters when filling in the 'Invoice Address' and 'Delivery Address' sections.
    • In 'Step 3', please let us know which university you are attending if this section has not been automatically filled in.
    • Hit the 'NEXT>' button.
    • Put a tick in the check-box to confirm you accept our Terms and Conditions.
    • Click the 'NEXT>' button.
    • If you have selected a non-partner university or college, a private address or a private Halls, you will need to complete the 'Delivery Address' section entering as much detail about your accommodation as possible.
    • If you have any specific details, please add them in the cell next to where it says: "If available, please add your Room Number, Flat, Floor, block or Building here?".
    • If you do not have your actual room number that is not a problem as we will dispatch your order "Care of the Reception Desk" and you simply collect it from there when you arrive.
    • Hit the 'NEXT>' button.
    • On the next page - 'SHIPPING AND OTHER INFO' - please select your 'Delivery Date' by clicking in the box to the right of where it says: "Please select delivery date". Note: you will not be able to select some dates because we do not make deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays. (If you are due to arrive at the weekend, please select the Friday immediately before so it is there when you arrive.) Also, since we generally we need 3 working days notice to process, pick, pack and dispatch your order, you will not be able to select the next couple of days ahead.
    • Select 'Male or Female'.
    • Add your 'Student ID Number' (if you have it) as this will assist if two people with the same or similar name place an order for the same accommodation.
    • Put a tick in the check-box to confirm you accept our Terms and Conditions.
    • Hit the 'NEXT>' button.
    • On the next page - 'CONFIRM DETAILS' - you will have the opportunity to see a summary of your order before you proceed and, if necessary, make any changes.
    • Hit the 'NEXT>' button.
    • You will then be taken out of the Click2Campus website to the secure site of our Card-Payment Service Provider partner, SagePay. SagePay will remotely capture your card details (without being seen by Click2Campus), check and confirm the authorisation and process the payment. If you do not have a valid bank card you can ask a friend / family member to use theirs (but remember to pay them back!). If you do this, please remember to go back and change the details for the 'Invoice Address' or the anti-fraud detection might block the transaction
    • Once you have completed the online payment a confirmation will be sent to the email address specified on the 'Invoice Address' page and your browser will return to our website.
  • Useful Links
    we have added numerous links below which we think you should find useful

    there are sections on:

    partner universities / colleges

    UK government websites

    accommodation providers

    online translation

    online conversion

    other helpful websites

    Partner Universities / Colleges - click on name below

    Aberystwyth University

    Anglia Ruskin University

    Arts University College, Bournemouth

    Bournemouth University

    British Institute of Technology & E-commerce

    Buckinghamshire New University

    Canterbury Christ Church University

    Edge Hill University

    Goldsmiths, University of London

    Kingston College

    Kingston University

    Lancaster University

    London School of Economics

    London South Bank University

    Middlesex University

    Robert Gordon University

    Roehampton University

    Royal College of Music

    Royal Holloway University of London

    Southampton Solent University

    Swansea University

    University for the Creative Arts

    University of Bath

    University of Buckingham

    University of Cambridge

    University of Essex

    University of Exeter

    University of Glasgow

    University of Greenwich

    University of Hertfordshire

    University of Leeds

    University of Liverpool

    University of Portsmouth

    University of Reading

    University of Southampton

    University of the Arts, London

    University of Ulster

    University of West London

    University of Westminster

    UK government websites

    The British Council - their main website

    Pre-departure Information - the British Council's guide to Visas, pre-departure information and orientation for international students coming to study in the UK

    EducationUK - their main site

    Stay Safe - the EducationUK personal safety guide for international students

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) - the home page on the main site

    UK Embassies Overseas - website to locate British Embassies in your country

    Department for Education - student support pages

    Foreign Embassies in the UK - website to locate your country's Embassy in the UK

    UK Border Agency (UKBA) - the British Government website for visa services

    UK Border Agency (UKBA) - modernised guidance including specific information regarding police registration

    UK NARIC - provides information and advice about how qualifications and skills from overseas compare to the UK's national qualification frameworks

    HM Revenue & Customs - advice on UK tax and National Insurance if you want to work in the UK while studying

    The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) - advice for International Students, including latest news

    Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) - loads of useful information to help students into Higher Education

    DEFRA - details of prohibited and restricted food and plants

    Accommodation Providers

    Cosmopolitan Student Homes - properties located in Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Preston, and Stratford-upon-Avon

    HOST UK - welcoming international students into UK homes

    International Students House - located close to London's West End and on the beautiful Regents Park, International Students House is the ideal place for both UK and overseas students to live and stay whilst studying in London. We offer a wide range of accommodation to suit all requirements from long stay to short stay and from en-suites to dorms.

    Nido - student living

    Unite - "The heart of student living"

    StuRents - student accommodation - makes finding student accommodation quick and easy. Students can search thousands of properties advertised by private landlords and agents all online.

    Online Translation

    Google translation service - translate text or whole web pages

    Online Conversions - universal currency converter - weights and measurements conversions

    Other Helpful Websites

    The Aspire Account - UniZest Ltd has launched the 2016 Aspire Account - a UK banking solution for international students that resolves the problems associated with opening a UK Bank Account. The Aspire Account - Simple, Easy, Stress-Free & Smart!

    Rainbow Trust - an amazing charity that provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness

    The London Study - free information to international students . . . . from an international student!

    BBC - Post-GCSE Options

    Push On-line - an independent guide to UK Universities

    Visit Britain - travel guide

    UniversitiesNet - online student guide to university

    Prospects - advice for International Graduates in the UK

    TV Licensing - information for students

    British Airport Authority (BAA) - useful information on several major UK airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton
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