Click2Campus - Kitchenware Pack

Kitchenware Pack

26 pieces - ideal for setting up your new kitchen.

The biggest problem with a shared kitchen is having to share the kitchen!

Students who decide to have late night feasts are not always the best at looking after your cookware so now would be a good time to buy some new things - the KWP, with 27 pieces, is ideal for setting up your new kitchen and because we use such good quality items, we think £55.00 represents superb value for your money
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  • 3 piece saucepan set: 14, 16 & 18cm, stainless steel with glass lids
  • frying pan: 24cm, non-stick
  • non-stick baking tray
  • non-stick roasting dish
  • 5 piece kitchen utensil set: durable black non-scratch nylon (bagged)
    • solid spoon
    • slotted spoon
    • fish slice
    • potato masher
    • ladle
  • 3 piece container set: plastic food containers with sealable lids
  • chopping board: medium sized, anti-bacteria nylon
  • paring knife
  • utility knife
  • chefs knife
  • scissors: general purpose
  • 3-way food grater: stainless steel encased in plastic
  • multi peeler: durable plastic & stainless steel
  • can opener: durable plastic & stainless steel
  • colander / food strainer: 20cm plastic
  • wooden spoon (or wooden spatula)
  • bottle opener: chrome lever corkscrew
  • kitchen towel: cotton drying-up cloth

The Kitchenware Pack (KWP) comes carefully packed in a sturdy (double-walled) cardboard box.

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