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  • International Shipping and Freighting Services
    Click2Campus is in partnership with Seven Seas Worldwide. Seven Seas Worldwide is fast becoming the first choice of students both at home and around the world. This is because they are a helpful bunch who know how stressful moving can be so they have a system in place that makes the process as simple as possible for students.

    Plus they are reliable and affordable - which really helps.

    Seven Seas Worldwide even provide all the boxes and packing materials you will need for FREE !!!

  • Moving to the UK
    Unless you are a part-time porter (and can afford what airlines charge for excess baggage these days!) bringing more than one suitcase to the UK can be a real hassle . . . . . and VERY expensive.

    So why not ship (or freight) your non-essential items to your accommodation? Most student residences these days are very reluctant to accept inbound packages when the students are not already there. We would therefore advise you to arrange the delivery of your packages, parcels, boxes, suitcases, etc. to be on a date a short while after you are due to arrive yourself.

    The student removals service offered by Seven Seas Worldwide will make the process as effortless as possible.

    Seven Seas Worldwide will provide all the boxes and packing materials you will need for FREE !!!
  • Moving within the UK
    Seven Seas Worldwide offer a service they call "Mini Moves".

    This is for when you want to transport your possessions within the UK.

    Typical reasons for this are:
    • you are changing university
    • you are changing campus
    • you are staying in the UK over the summer and are temporarily changing location
    • you have graduated and are staying here in the UK
    • you live in the UK !

    Seven Seas Worldwide will provide all the boxes and packing materials you need for FREE !!!
  • International removals from the UK
    You arrived in the UK with just one suitcase but after a few years of studying, you've accumulated enough stuff to very easily fill a shipping container !!!

    So, how are you going to get it all back home?

    You can do what many students do - turn up at the airport with several suitcases and pay hundreds (even thousands!) of pounds in excess baggage fees.

    Or you can do the sensible thing and let Seven Seas Worldwide's student removals service ship (by sea) or freight (by air) your possessions, memories, gifts, books, etc. back home for you.

    Seven Seas Worldwide will provide all the boxes and packing materials you will need for FREE !!!
  • International Shipping Advice
    Planning ahead

    • measure and record the sizes (in centimetres) of the items you want to send home
    • use a set of bathroom scales to weigh and record the weight of each of the items you want transported
    • confirm the dates for collection as far ahead as possible
    • arrange suitable insurance (see notes below)

    Packing up

    • be careful not to mistakenly pack any personal valuables which you might need (i.e. passport, travel documents, handbag, wallet, keys, PDA, etc.) (see notes below )
    • Use proper sturdy double-walled storage boxes that will not collapse (see notes below)
    • Pack items securely and seal properly to avoid breakages / losses
    • Ideally, use lockable / sealable crates
    • Spread heavy items amongst your luggage / boxes so that no single pieces are overly heavy
    • Wrap china and glass piece by piece. Put the heaviest items at the bottom and pad out corners and empty spaces
    • Clearly mark / label all your boxes and cases with your name and destination address
    • Empty and dry out any rice-cookers, steamers, kettles, irons etc
    • Do not pack anything damp (i.e. bath towels) as this might go mouldy

    You must not pack:

    • gas, petrol and other flammable items
    • lighters, batteries, aerosols and fireworks
    • perishable goods
    • any liquids
    • dangerous chemicals
    • live animals
    • or any goods of an illegal nature


    We strongly advise that you insure your property. It is your responsibility. Once your items to be shipped / freighted home have been collected it will be exceedingly difficult (or even impossible) to regain access to them. You must therefore be absolutely certain that you have not mistakenly packed any vital items (for instance, your passport) that you are likely to need before your items are delivered to your destination.
    Any items not packed in an appropriate way (for instance, a bin-liner of books) will not be accepted by the collection driver.

    Seven Seas Worldwide will scan and inspect every box, crate, container, suitcase, etc. and if they suspect any disallowed items, goods, substances are within them your items will most probably be severely delayed (or not sent at all) and you will incur additional costs.
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