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  • Student Testimonials
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you recall, my daughter was coming to London to spend a semester at Queen Mary. There was a question about the delivery of her order being there a day earlier than when she would arrive. You assured me there would be no problem.

    Not only were there no problems, the box was delivered to her and was a pure delight! She told me there was so much stuff, she didn't know where to put it all. The quality and design of her bedding was great, as were the towels and such. Thank you so much for your help, kind words and wonderful service. It has been a pleasure working with your company
    Rose Piacentini (USA), mother of student attending Queen Mary, University of London.

    "I think that the service All-Unied provides is great, especially for foreign students like me. It really make things easier when you don't have to worry about bringing it all over on the flight or having to run around town first thing to buy all the necessities."
    Emmie Torstensson (Sweden), University for the Creative Arts.

    "Thank you so much for all your help. It was SO helpful to have the essentials pack when I moved in. The pack was waiting for me when I moved into my residence hall. It was great to have everything I needed when I got here as by the time I moved in everything was closed and I couldn't have bought anything! Also, coming from America, it was so nice to be supplied with all the essentials. I wouldn't have even known where to go to buy all the things I needed! Again, thank you so much!"
    Jenni Hellstern (USA), University of Westminster.

    "The service you offer is a real relief for new students, because we have so many things to think about, especially when we come from another country, that it's good to know that the things we'll need for the year will be waiting for us in our room." "Thanks for the great service offered by All-Unied. I wish this kind of business could exist in Canada, it makes student's life so much easier!!"
    Vicky Coulombe (Canada), University of Hertfordshire.

    "It was much easier being able to set up my room when I first arrived with the help of the items that I purchased from All-Unied. As an International student, I was not familiar with where to shop in the London area, but having the items already in my room helped me adjust to my "new home" in no time! Thank you again for wonderful service."
    Jenny Piland (USA), Roehampton University.

    "Being an international student, I knew I couldn't bring a lot of items with me to university. All-Unied's essentials pack saved me a lot of time and money. The product quality is well worth the price, which is a bargain. The package was delivered directly to my residence and was waiting for me when I arrived, which made the purchase all the more worthwhile. I would definitely recommend this service to students, especially international students."
    Allison Grunwald (USA), University of Southampton.

    "I found everything when I arrived at my accommodation, which actually surprised me as I informed you in a very short notice."
    Matina Vroulou (Greece), Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College.

    "When I moved in today I was pleased to see my crate waiting in my room. I was very impressed by the efficiency of your service and also by the quality of the items in the pack."
    "The personal touch to your service is great."
    Danielle Adams (UK), Southampton Solent University.

    "I'm very grateful for the service provided by All-Unied. Everything met my expectations, everything that I got was what I requested and it was easier for me to settle in being that I'm an international student at Roehampton and it is my first time in London. Buying it through your web site was easy and the service I received by you when asking the questions before the purchase was excellent as well."
    Medranda Gabriel (Ecuador), Roehampton University.

    "I am very satisfied with my choice of acquiring the kit from All-Unied."
    Alinne Veiga (Brazil), University of Southampton.

    "Firstly, let me thank you for your prompt reply and all the information you have provided. And secondly, I have to mention this, but your website is very informative and solution oriented. I have seriously been pondering over the fact that these are essential items and almost impossible to carry all the way from India for UK. So once again, thank you for all the help you are giving us."
    Sanhita Paradkar (India), Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College.

    "Your site rocks!"
    Brandon Todd (USA), Kingston University.

    "I have no doubt that I was at a great advantage having bought this set. A few days after arriving I sniggered at countless students staggering whilst carrying large boxes of pots and pans, cutlery etc. on the bus and around town!"
    Alex Mizzi (Malta), University of Southampton.

    "The buying process for me was a relief because my father did it for me; he said your items were reasonably priced and that life would be easier for me now that I had all the bedding and kitchen supplies. I think it would have been more of a burden if I had done it personally.

    My mates had a very tedious experience with their shopping; it was kind of funny though watching them bring home stacks of pots, pans, bed-sheets and duvets while I was chilling in the kitchen. I think next time they will contact you guys; I'll be contacting you again next year to help me "stash" the things that I don't need to take home. Thank you for the delivery and big hugs and Hershey chocolate covered kisses to whoever invented the All-Unied program; it really helps. It made everything easier to control.

    No complaints on my side and you guys certainly left a 1000 watt smile on my dad's face but my mom was a tad bit upset because she wanted to take me shopping. Thanx you guyz, thanx a lot! From your most adorable and favourite customer."
    Lai Ngoh (Cameroon / USA), University College for the Creative Arts.

    "My package was in my room when I arrived and that was very convenient. Especially because I arrived at night and needed the bedding. I am satisfied with the items. Most of them have a better quality than the items I saw my roommates buying."
    Cornelia Baumann (Germany), Kingston College.

    "I know that it would have made a huge difference not getting the all-unied package. If I hadn't had everything I ordered on the first couple of days, I would have never known where to go get it. It made the transition a lot smoother. I can say only good things about the all-unied company. It was a great help and I would recommend it to anyone."
    Kerin OToole (USA), Roehampton University.

    "I'm fortunate for hearing about all-unied as I live in India and it would have certainly been difficult carrying all that I've ordered through your website with me all the way to University. More over, it would have been terribly expensive buying all of it individually after I get to the UK. You have saved me a lot of luggage space and money."
    Shantha Shankar (India), Loughborough University

    "Hiya, I was so stressed when I was thinking about getting ready for university. I moved to the UK from Bermuda and brought my whole world with me, and I had no idea what to do with it all. Getting bedding, cookware, etc was another issue!!

    Then, I stumbled onto your website and a huge weight was lifted!! Not only did I found out you could store things for me but you offering packs that include everything I would need when I move into my accommodation!! Your site rocks!! And I'm telling all my friends about it in case they don't know about it yet!! THANKS!! :)"
    Alexandra Carreiro (Bermuda), UCCA
  • Parent Testimonials
    "I have just ordered an All Essentials Pack plus one set each of Crockery and Cutlery; the order value including delivery [to a private address] came to a total of 107.75. I would like to high light the service I got over the phone was excellent. I took the list of products included in the 'All-Unied' pack and compared it, like for like, with IKEA. I was pleased to find the All-Unied price came out to be nearly half of that from IKEA. Many thanks."
    Ian K Smales (UK), father of student going to the University of Plymouth in September 2010

    "I thought your service was brilliant. The pack contained everything that Harry needed. I only wish that all-unied had been around when my two elder children had been going to university."
    Mr J Blackmore (UK), father of Harry at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College

    "What a great business but remember the many domestic students & parents who could use you as well. We drove our son from our home in Livingston (near Edinburgh) all the way to his university in London. Had we known about All-Unied we would definitely have come to you and saved ourselves time & money and not had all the unnecessary aggravation. We'll call you next spring for your storage facility and now that we know about All-Unied we'll make sure we use you when our other two children are ready for university."
    Mrs Susan MacDonald (UK), unknown university.

    "The website is excellent, laid out well and easy to find most things we needed." The box was waiting for us on the day we arrived at uni with my son. All items in the box seem to be of good quality, and have no complaints." "Excellent service and trouble free dealings, keep it up."
    Mr Ray Cooney (Germany), father of James at University College for the Creative Arts (Kent).

    "The website was easy to use, the ordering system was quick and there was no delay or fuss when it came to making the payment. I detest slow, complicated websites." "I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so."
    Mrs Carole Arnot (UK), mother of David at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.

    "Dear Sir. Thanks you for help with our daughter. Francesca tell us how she have everything she need when she arrival. No need for her to shopping. She very pleased and so we also."
    A. Bardellini (Argentina)

    "My son is such an airhead. He left packing-up till the last few days and we only have a little car so there was no way we could have fitted everything in - I would have needed to make three journeys. Thank goodness all-unied could sort out all my son's storage for us."
    We have not posted the name to save the son any embarrassment!
  • Student FAQs
    Q. How is all-unied pronounced?
    A. Easy, it is pronounced "all you need" and it comes from us supplying all you need for your university education.

    Q. I have pre-purchased an Essentials Pack; how and when will it be delivered?
    A. If you are attending one of our partner universities or colleges we pre-deliver your Essentials Pack direct to your halls of residence so it is ready for when you arrive. We liaise with the Accommodation Office to ensure this is properly coordinated. Some universities allow us to deliver packs right into the allocated rooms whilst others instruct us to send packs to specific nearby locations (Reception Desk, Post Room, Campus Stores, etc, for the students to collect on arrival. If you are going to any other institution or private accommodation we can arrange for your delivery to be made by a national carrier (for a small additional charge).

    Q. What if I change my mind about choice of university / college?
    A. If you are still going to an institution in the UK we can arrange for your Essentials Pack to be delivered to you. This will incur a small additional charge if your new university / college is not one of our partners and hence not in our normal delivery circuit. If you no longer require the pack then we can cancel your order (if it has not left our warehouse) or take it back (if it has left us) for a small handling fee.

    Q. What if I am no longer coming to the UK?
    A. Provided we are informed early enough we will cancel the order and refund the bank card used (and you will not be charged).

    Q. I wish to buy some of your 'desirable' items. Can they be delivered at the same time as the Essentials Pack?
    A. We want to ensure that the correct person gets the items and that none go missing. Therefore we only deliver higher-value desirable items direct to you in person. This is for your peace of mind and to deter any fraudulent activities. Lower value desirable items (such as kettles or adaptors) will normally be included with your essentials delivery.

    Q. What if there is something I specifically need that is not shown in your store?
    A. Simply send us an email telling us exactly what you want (including any model numbers) and we will contact our numerous suppliers to get you the best price possible.

    Q. Do I have to buy through the website?
    A. Not necessarily but it is a lot easier for us to monitor our stock if you do. We also have phone lines for you to place orders for the items you see on the website. See our contact section.

    Q. What if there are items missing from the crate or there are broken items?
    A. We use one of the top e-fulfilment companies in the United Kingdom for our contract packing and delivery service. Before your pack leaves the warehouse it will be securely packed and weighed to within fine tolerances and labelled accordingly. As such, missing or damaged items are highly unlikely. However, if you do incur a problem notify us immediately and we will sort it out for you.

    Q. What guarantees do I have with electrical items?
    A. Any items that prove to be faulty will be replaced free of charge. Just call us and we will advise you what to do.

    Q. What does one of your Essentials Packs cost?
    A. There are a number of different Essentials Packs, the choice of which depends on the university halls you are going to. Some halls will require the full pack while others may require you to just bring the kitchen items and towels. For a breakdown of prices / contents, please click on any pack picture in the shopping section on our website.

    Q. Do I have a choice about what goes in my Essentials Pack?
    A. Yes. We pre-assemble several standard Essentials Packs for convenience and to save you money. You are very welcome to add items to one of our packs or make up one entirely to your own specifications - if you want three frying pans and no saucepans that is your choice! If you are only staying for one semester (or even for one year) it might be worth you purchasing one of our 'Single Semester Packs' (SSP) with a 'Single Bedding Pack' (SBP) and enhancing it with any other items you need, rather than going for one of the larger packs.

    Q. What should I do with the pack at the end of the year?
    A. Once your annual accommodation licence expires (normally after 40 weeks) you will have to vacate your study-room - but your university / college is highly unlikely to offer you storage facilities. So, since you will probably want to go travelling or go home between the spring and autumn terms, you will need to store your pack, along with all your other possessions. We offer great rates on summer-time storage (with free delivery and collection for students studying at our partner institutions) - please see the storage section for further details.

    Q. Tell me more about the summer-time storage service.
    A. We know that it is unrealistic to take all your belongings back home for such a short time but that it is also difficult to know what to do with them. That is why we also have a storage service. For a small weekly charge we will collect from your residence, securely store over the summer and then redeliver back to you at the start of the next term / semester; provided this is back to halls. If your next accommodation is off campus we can still deliver back your possessions but there will be a small additional charge. Alternatively we make regular drops to a centralised point at your university where you can collect your possessions in person.

    Q. What items will you take for storage?
    A. We will NOT accept any perishable or hazardous items. Everything else is fine as long as it is suitably packed. Our crates are ideal but we will also accept sturdy (double-wall) cardboard boxes, suitcases / travel bags, tea chests etc. We cannot accept items packed in unsuitable bin-liners, carrier bags or similar.

    Q. What if I want / need an empty crate?
    A. No problem, these are available to buy on the website just like all the other items we sell.

    Q. How do I book the storage facility?
    A. If it is not clear on the website, please give us a call and we will talk you through it. You will need to supply both the collection address and, if known at the time (but not necessary yet), the delivery address. You can pay online, by cheque or by bank transfer.

    Q. Do you buy back your essential pack after I graduate?
    A. No. For residential students on standard degree courses, there is very unlikely to be any residual value in their 'essential' items. What we classify as 'essential' items are those that most / all students buy for their basic needs and use every day - if they don't buy them from us (with all the added convenience of doing so) they will need to buy them from high-street stores; who similarly could not be expected to repurchase them.

    Further information
    If you have any questions that need answering, please go to our contact page for details on how we can be reached.
  • Company Profile
    Click 2 Campus was incorporated as a Limited Company in January 2004.

    to prove the concept Click2Campus worked with two local institutions during the 2004/5 academic year. Since then Click2Campus have established dozens of new relationships with key universities in Greater London and the Home Counties.

    bob williamson - managing director
    Bob Williamson, founder and managing director of Click2Campus, worked for 21 years in city-based financial institutions.

    andy coote - head of operations
    Andy Coote has an engineering background and in his 18-year career has held manufacturing related Project and Production Management positions.

    chris cole - head of finance
    Chris Cole is a chartered accountant with 15 years commercial experience in engineering and IT services.
  • Company History
    whilst studying on the full-time MBA programme at Tanaka Business School (Imperial College, London), Bob Williamson, Founder and Managing Director of Click2Campus, conceived of an idea to assist students to buy, transport and store all the bulky / fragile items that they would need whilst in higher education.

    in the execution of numerous exercises during the MBA, Bob realised that his idea was worth pursuing. Consequently, for his dissertation, Bob further researched the market and applied the lessons he had learnt from the MBA programme to carry out a feasibility study for his venture. the research included a series of focus-groups, a detailed survey of more than 1,800 students, a comprehensive literary research and an in-depth competitive analysis resulting in a 28,000 word dissertation.

    during his research Bob looked at hundreds of websites aimed specifically at the student market. Although they were an excellent source of entertainment, Bob found very few of them actually addressed the many diverse, non-academic, real needs of students - particularly those who travel long distances. Some sites claim to offer help but are actually just portals to other service providers. At Click2Campus we do it all ourselves to ensure we maintain the highest service quality levels.

    further information
    if you have any enquiries regarding the profile or history of Limited, please visit at our Contact page for details of the numerous routes of communication available to you.

    Click 2 Campus Limited is registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales (Reg. No. 0501184) and for VAT with the HM Customs and Excise (Reg. No. 846 2150 37).
  • Find Us
    By road from London: Take the A3 out of London and just after the turn-off to Hook (A243) take the Kingston Bypass (A309). Follow this dual carriageway for around 1/2 mile until you get to the 'Scilly Iles' roundabout where you turn right into Hampton Court Way (A309). After 1 mile (just before you take the bridge north over the River Thames) you will see Hampton Court Station on the right hand side; 25a Creek Road is the top floor of the cream building directly opposite the Chinese restaurant "Chu Chin Chou". Parking can be difficult but after 09:30 it becomes a lot easier - always check the roadside signs. As a last resort, you can park in the station car park.

    By road from Hampton Court Bridge: Cross south over the bridge from the Hampton Court Palace side and take the second right, immediately after the pedestrian traffic lights into Creek Road. The offices of All-Unied are on the top floor of the cream building directly opposite the Chinese restaurant "Chu Chin Chou". Parking can be difficult but after 09:30 it becomes a lot easier - always check the roadside signs. As a last resort, you can park in the station car park.

    By train: Hampton Court Station is the final destination on one of the lines out of London Waterloo. Trains run approximately every 30 minutes, journey time 35 minutes. On leaving the station, take the pedestrian crossing over Hampton Court Way (A309); the offices of All-Unied / Click2Campus are on the top floor of the cream building directly opposite the Chinese restaurant "Chu Chin Chou".

    Location Map
Click 2 Campus, 25a Creek Road, Hampton Court, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9BE     +44(0)20 8979 9916